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Emily Studd

PhD Candidate McGill University (started 01/2014)
MSc McGill University
BSc Queen’s University

NRS Lab: 3-051 Macdonald-Stewart Building
NRS Tel: (514) 398-7890
NRS Fax: (514) 398-7990

CINE Lab: B-5


PhD Research

Multi-Species Activity Biologging

A red squirrel in Yukon
Photo:Annie Hervieux
MSc Research

Environmental and Biological Correlates of Maternal Investement in Red Squirrels

For my masters, I worked on the Kluane Red Squirrel Project to look at two key maternal behaviours: nest attendance patterns and nest choices. In this system, squirrels breed as early as February and as late as September. This means that squirrels breeding earlier have to raise their pups at air temperatures below -20C, while later breeding squirrels deal with air temperatures above +20C, which represents a difference of around 40C. This variation in air temperature potentially drives differences in maternal behaviours through either cold stress earlier in the season or heat stress later in the season. I hypothesize that female red squirrels must adjust the amount of time they spend with their pups and the nest type they use according to air temperatures to ensure their litter stays warm early in the season without overheating themselves later in the season.

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