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Vincent Careau

PhD Sherbrooke & McGill University (2010)

Occupied Position:
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Deakin University (2013-14)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California (2012)

PhD Research

Energy metabolism, life history traits, and animal personality

PhD-related Publications

  • Careau V, Bergeron P, Garant D, Réale D, Speakman JR & MM Humphries. 2013. The energetic and survival costs of growth in free-ranging chipmunks. Oecologia, 171:11-23.

  • Careau, V., D. Réale, D. Garant, F. Pelletier, J.R. Speakman, M.M. Humphries. 2012. Context-dependent correlation between resting metabolic rate and daily energy expenditure in wild chipmunks. Journal of Experimental Biology doi:10.1242/jeb.076794

  • Careau V, Réale D, Garant D & MM Humphries. 2012. Free-ranging eastern chipmunks infected with bot fly larvae have higher resting but lower maximum metabolism. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 90: 413-421.

  • Bergeron P, Careau V, Humphries MM, Réale D, Speakman J & D Garant. 2011. The energetic and oxidative costs of reproduction in a free-ranging rodent. Functional Ecology, 25: 1063-1071.

  • Humphries MM & V Careau. 2011. Heat for nothing or activity for free? Evidence and implications of activity-thermoregulatory heat substitution. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 51: 419-431.

  • Careau V, Réale D, Garant D, Speakman, JR & Humphries. 2011. Stress-induced rise in body temperature is repeatable in free-ranging Eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus). Journal of Comparative Physiology B, 182: 403-414.

  • Careau V, Thomas D, Pelletier F, Turki L, Landry F, Garant D & D Réale. 2011. Genetic correlation between resting metabolic rate and exploratory behaviour in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 24: 2153-2163.

  • Réale, D., D. Garant, M.M. Humphries, P. Bergeron, V. Careau, P.O. Montiglio, D.W. Thomas. 2010. Personality and the emergence of a pace-of-life syndrome at the level of the population. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B., 365:4051-4063.

  • Careau, V., D. Réale, M.M. Humphries, D.W. Thomas. 2010. The pace of life under artificial selection: personality, energy expenditure, and longevity are correlated in domestic dogs. American Naturalist, 175:753-758.

  • Careau V, Thomas D & MM Humphries. 2010. Energetic cost of bot fly parasitism in free-ranging eastern chipmunks. Oecologia, 162:303-312.

  • Careau V, Bininda-Edmonds ORP, Thomas D, Réale D & MM Humphries. 2009. Exploration strategies map along fast-slow metabolic and life-history continua in muroid rodents. Functional Ecology, 23:150-156.

  • Careau V, Thomas D, Humphries, MM & D Réale. 2008. Energy Metabolism and Animal Personality. Oikos, 117: 641-653.

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